校長的話  Message from Principal














    June is the month that final examinations were held. All the teachers have been very busy finishing all the marking and reports. Thank you so much for your hard work.


    From 26th May, 2019 to 1st June, 2019, Ms. Candy Cheung and Ms. Angela Lam accompanied 10 Primary 4 students to attend the “Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau Student Summer Camp 2019’, which was held in Shanghai. The topic of this year was ‘Innovative Technology’ to promote the interflow among these 3 areas. Teachers and students gained a lot from this fruitful trip. Their horizons were broadened and they had more understanding of the life style in these 3 areas. Of course, they could also get acquainted with different students from different places. We wish we will have another opportunity to join this summer camp in the coming future. (http://www.ltyschool.edu.hk/exchange-group.htm)


    All the Primary 1 students of 2019 -2020 were registered in the beginning of June. To let the students and parents know more about the school, an orientation day was organized for two consecutive Saturday mornings. The introduction of the school was presented by me and we also shared the planned development of English and PE. More importantly, the future development of the school and the expectation for our students were shared. P.1 pupils-to-be participated in the English course, which aimed to enhance their interest in learning English and the sense of belonging towards school. We were glad to see the happy faces showing on their parents and we wished our hard work would not be wasted. Also, organized a talk about how to get on well with the performances from the kindergarten students and students from LTY were organized. As an encouragement for the students who joined the drama class and performed on the stage, a prize presentation was conducted at the end of the function. When the kids performed on stage, lots of parents took out their mobiles to take photos for their own memories. I believe that the learning motivation of the drama students was intrinsic as they could memorize all the lines in the script and steps they moved on the stage by themselves. Then the fear was swept away and the self-confidence was built. Therefore, the school should promote more the benefits of learning drama. It can help students unfold their learning.


    I recently have been motivated to write poems to express my feelings. In the Chinese poem, I used the school name as the beginning of each sentence and made it rhyme at the last word. The content is to encourage our students to learn more so that other people will remember who they are. The moral is to treasure what you have and you should learn how to get on well with others.
    ‘L’ight is in front
    ‘T’urn it on and run
    ‘Y’ou’ll find the Sun
    In the English version, I use the same method to write but the meaning is different. I believe that there is a light in the front and we have to walk towards it and turn it on, then we can run for our goal. Sun is the metaphor of our goal. I wish our students can try to write a poem for me and put it in my mail box. Then they may receive a gift.


    Chan Chun Wah, Fred