校長的話  Message from Principal














    After Easter Holiday, it was May when teachers and students came back to school. In two more months, the summer holiday will start and the academic year will past.


    On 10th May, 2019, I was invited to a primary school located in Tai Po to conduct a workshop on their Teachers’ Professional Development Day. The main content was about Drama-in-Education. Of course, I had to get well prepared beforehand. On that day, all the teachers threw away that seriousness and sternness and became students again. I insisted that they should take more initiative to participate in all the activities. Throughout the whole process of learning, I had to show my gratitude to all the teachers as they put their trust in me. While they were learning the drama conventions and pedagogies, they were putting them into practise. They tried their best to act different roles and thought of different lines for their scripts to make the roles lively. According to the questionnaires, all the teachers enjoyed the workshop as they could join inactivities. I totally understand that good pedagogy should be passed on a good tradition. Being a school principal, it is duty-bound to pass on good pedagogies to others.


    In the morning of 16th May, 2019, some parents from Parent-Teacher Association came to school to help count the ballots of 24th Teacher Commendation Scheme. As a result, Ms. CHENG Cheuk Ying, Echo and Ms. Ng Mei Ting, Kelly are the winners. Congratulations!


    In the same day afternoon, Mr. Chui and some students represented the school to join ‘Primary STEM Project Exhibition’. We got the ‘Outstanding Award’ and ‘Adjudicators’ Award’. We have also invited to share our ‘product’ in June in public.


    On 19th May, 2019, it was ‘Voice of Lung Kong’. Chinese Opera and encouraging pop songs were performed. Our student from 5A, Wong Sing Ting, was the only student to perform Chinese Opera in both male and female voices. He gained a round of applause when he walked on the stage. When he started to sing the song, audiences exclaimed. Chinese Opera is one of our cultural heritages and we hope he can help share this in our society.


    On 28th May, 2019, our students represented the school to attend the ceremony of Community Youth Club (CYC). We are so happy that we won the Gold Award on the fund-raising category. Our parents and students really love our society and contribution to our society was shown.


    Our last school function of “High-tea with Principal” was so successful that on 28th May, 2019, it was held again. The theme of this gathering was about good health. We wish to encourage people to pay attention to their personal health. Also, we wish the school can promote sports to students so that it can be to their advantage.

    5月24日是本校舉行一年一度的「悅」讀日。今年我們在上午進行活動,同學們可以穿着自己喜歡的故事角色的服裝回校,學生的裝束,讓路上的行人投以好奇的眼光,家長亦稱讚這令學生更投入閱讀,是一個推廣閱讀的好方法。除了角各扮演活動外,當天亦進行了「正向價值觀故事演繹大賽」,各班排練了一齣戲劇,內容以正向價值觀為主。這個主題十分有意義, 能培養學生的正面情緒。身為評判的我,看了各班的表演,發現原來我們的老師大部份是很有戲劇細胞,他們不但為同學編排一個內容豐富的故事,加入不同的戲劇元素,他們更自費為學生買了不少戲服,令每位觀眾也看得十分投入。另外,我們的學生表演出色,他們能牢牢地記着很長的對白,不慌不忙地一邊讀出對白,一邊演戲。今年的「悅」讀日十分精彩,我相信我們的學生是有着不一樣的潛能,待我們慢慢地把它發掘出來。

    On 24th May, 2019, it was the ‘Reading Day’ and we held annually. It was a bit different this year. Students were accepted to wear costume to school. They could select their favourite characters’ costume to wear back to school. It made the pedestrians watch them. A parent told me it was such a good propaganda for the school. All the classes prepared a drama to perform on stage today. The theme must be ‘Positive Value’. It was such a meaningful idea to teach our students how to be positive in different circumstances. Being an adjudicator, I could appreciate all the performances. I found out that most of our teachers have a good concept on drama. They did not arrange students to do the rehearsal but they could incorporate drama elements into it. Also, they paid by themselves to buy beautiful costumes to students. All of us really enjoyed the show today. I was so surprised that our students could recite the long script. They could read it our clearly with feeling and they could act out simultaneously. The ‘Reading Day’ of this year was brilliant and no one wanted to miss it. Throughout this activity, I believe that our students have various potential and they are waiting for us to discover them out.


    Chan Chun Wah, Fred