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    用「精彩絕倫」去形容三月的活動再適合不過了。首先是3月4日的香港學校戲劇節比賽,今年我們以「獅子、女巫、魔衣櫥」的故事為藍圖,我們的外籍老師在內容上作出改動,令故事更加現實及貼近學校的情況,令觀眾更易投入。衷心多謝外籍老師Miss King、傅美儀主任及劉碧琪老師不辭勞苦地訓練學生。比賽順利完成,評判亦給予正面的評價,我們正等候着結果的公佈。

    ‘Fabulous’ is the best word to describe the arrangement of the activities in March. First of all, the competition of Hong Kong School Drama Festival was held on 4th March. This time, our NET teacher, Miss King used the story of ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ as a blueprint of our drama. Then she did some adaptation on the content and made the story more realistic and suitable to the school context. It could make the audience understand easily. I really want to thank the hard-work of Miss King for her contribution. Also, Miss Fu and Miss Lau who gave their own time to do the rehearsals with the students. Finally, our students performed it well and the show was so smooth. The adjudicators gave a very positive feedback and we are waiting for the result.


    On 5th March, our affiliate school LKWFSL Lau Wong Fat Secondary School invited the women’s volleyball team Anxi Tie Guan Yin from Fujian, China. Our parents, volleyball coach and I were invited to appreciate this demonstration. At first, the weather was not stable but later became fine with sunshine. All the team members demonstrated fantastic skills and all their actions were engrossing to watch. The audience was intoxicated. More importantly, I had a chance to take a picture with the former coach of the China Women’s Volleyball Team, as I am a big fan of volleyball. This activity reminded me of the reason why I promote volleyball in LTY as it can help students understand what perseverance and solidarity are. We never give up easily.


    The P.6 Outdoor Education Camp was held on 6th to 8th March. Students in P.6 could enjoy the time with their classmates and teachers in these 3 consecutive days before they graduate. They had a different gathering to share with others in such a special location. Some of the senior teachers and I went in the campsite and visited them with some fruit and herbal tea. I saw them join the activities with their initiative and they were obedient. It made the teachers believe all of the P.6 students are grown-up and we will miss them after they graduate.


    Drama-in-Education is one of the pedagogies which can cater for learner diversity. We held a drama workshop for our teachers as professional development. Some teachers incorporated some drama conventions into their classroom. Our school also wants to take the social responsibility and do some contribution to society. Therefore, we held a drama class for some students from the kindergarten. The class can enhance students’ English proficiency, communication skill, collaboration skills, creativity and other generic skills. A performance will be organized for the public as we believe that it is such a great opportunity for the students to have a complete learning process in drama. I was so happy to see them learning happily and leaving gratefully. I was touched and I want to take this chance to thank Miss Vegas Tang and Miss Tammy Choi to organize this class thoroughly.


    The climax to this academic year so far was the 5 consecutive days from 12th to 16th March, 2019 ‘Singapore Study Tour 2019’. We all gathered at school at 6 in the morning and we went to the Hong Kong International Airport to set off on our journey. We had lots of opportunities to learn in those few days such as a visit to an international school to study with the students in the classroom talk at recess. It was such a precious moment for our students to learn English. Besides this, we had our meals in different food courts and students had to buy their meals by themselves. They had to speak English to buy their souvenirs for their family and friends. They also needed to speak in English when they went through the Customs and Excise Department. Of course, they needed to also order their food on the plane in English. That is what learning English in authentic situations is about. Moreover, students could learn more about the infrastructure, culture and life of Singapore. According to my observation, our students were obedient, self-disciplined and courteous to finish all the tasks in this study tour. It made me feel moved. After this study tour, some students kept on asking me, ‘Which country will we go to for the next study tour, Principal?’ Perhaps, I should ask this question again to our students as all of you should have the right to make the decision for your learning.


    When we were in Singapore, the school held different activities for facilitating students’ learning such as Life-wide Learning. It can provide authentic learning experiences to our students to learn in different ways and let them understand which mode is the best for them to learn. On 14th March, we had the school picnic. Unfortunately, the weather was awful and it kept on raining cats and dogs. After the discussion among the senior teachers, they made the decision not to go outside for the picnic. All our teachers totally understood that the cancellation would make all the students at school disappointed. Therefore, lots of creative activities were arranged for our students such as sports challenging games, dancing, and movie appreciation. They enjoyed the day so much. P4 to P6 students could have their BBQ in the covered playground. For P.1 – P.3, they could have their picnic on the ground of their own classroom. It was such an unforgettable experiences for them and they completely forgot the dreadful weather outside and they actively participated in all the activities. Thank you so much for all the thoughtful contingency plans. All the teachers are so brilliant.


    One of our teaching strategies is ‘small class teaching’ and it is in a mature stage of being to be applied at our school. As we are in pursuit of excellence in this area, our school supervisor invited Dr. Lai Kwok Chan, Head of Planning & Academic Implementation of the Hong Kong Education University, visited to give us advice on the issue of small class teaching at LTY. Our Supervisor, Mr. Cheng, and our school manager, Mr. So, accompanied Dr. Lai to walk around the school. Our Vice Principal shared the history of our small class teaching development and explained how we have been implementing. Two classes from KS1 and KS2 were arranged for Dr. Lai to observe and let him have more comprehensive idea of our implementation in small class teaching. Afterwards, some school-based task-books were showed and we explained the rationale of how they are constructed. Dr. Lai gave us a high complement on what we have been practising for the small class teaching from the routine in the class to the task-book design with QR code. The whole package is complete and has developed faster than at other schools. We will keep yp our good work and make LTY become an outstanding school.


    Chan Chun Wah, Fred