Aims and Objectives:
    - To create a language-rich environment for students to develop their ability in using English.
    - To arouse students' learning interest and encourage them to apply their knowledge in purposeful communication.
    PLP R/W
    Our Native English Teacher (NET) conducts 2-3 lessons a week for students in Primary 1-3 based on Primary Literacy Programme - Reading and Writing (PLP R/W) designed by EDB. It adopts a holistic approach to incorporate the four skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking). Students acquire knowledge of phonics, vocabulary, grammar items, structures and text types through comprehensive activities.
    Morning Assembly
    English assembly is conducted twice a week. The NET and English teachers introduce interesting language items and recommend books for the students.
    Activities and after-school classes
    Considering students' different needs, interest and abilities, our school has organized extensive activities to strengthen their learning.
    Speech Festival
    Each year, some students are arranged to participate in Choral Speaking or Solo Verse speaking competition. They analyze the text and present it clearly and confidently.
    Story-telling Activity
    To promote reading, the NET and the teacher librarian select suitable English storybooks which are told to the students in the library in the morning. After the story, students participate in motivating games and craft-making activities that are related to the book.
    Reader's Theatre
    The lower primary students (P.1-3) in this group can acquire sensitivity towards English sounds, stress and rhythm in a fun and enjoyable context. This activity also provides valuable opportunities for the participants to perform on stage with confidence.
    English Drama
    Providing opportunities for upper primary students to take on roles and use make-believe to act out situations and play episodes, this activity motivates students and provides pleasurable language experiences. Every student enjoys pretending to be imaginative characters, such as a kind-hearted tiger or a wicked wizard.
    Creative Writing Class
    Designed for students in Primary 5-6, Creative Writing Class introduces interesting writing genres with the aim of encouraging children to understand and build up writing skills, which is usually considered the most challenging part in learning English. In the lessons, students write different text types, for examples, riddles, poems, short stories and descriptions.